Monday, October 12, 2009

On the road... again!

I'm working on packing to head north for a few days. This Thursday-Saturday is the tent sale at Homer Laughlin China. Usually, I go for all three days of the sale, but I have to work this weekend so this will be a one day deal for me, unfortunately. On the positive side, I am leaving tomorrow and will get to visit with some good friends in the area for a couple of days! I'm planning to take some pictures and do a bit of dishing/antiquing as well. Weather is *not* supposed to be nice, so I'm debating the merits of actually doing my usual thing and camping out on the line to get into the sale the night before. Not sure my knee will want to hang out outdoors in the cold AND rain. ugh.

I was on the road for a VERY quick one day trip last week to pick up some dishes in Maryland. All were HLC, and all had a particular decal that I just love, called Clematis by some collectors and Red Beauty by others. Five hours each way, but the bonus was getting to meet and see the seller's collection. Absolutely awe-inspiring. I wish I had asked to take photos there, but I was so flabbergasted by his collection that it never even occurred to me to ask!