Monday, December 10, 2012

Welcome home, D!

This is an exciting week! Fellow tablescaper and dear friend  Daphne's schedule has changed to allow her to spend more time at home and  Candy, Rebecca, and I wanted to offer a very warm, "Welcome Home" to her.  What could be warmer than setting a table to celebrate?

I chose a handmade runner as the foundation for my table.  It's made with reproduction 30's fabrics in a rainbow of colors.   Now... what shall we put on it?  You know I tend to choose an explosion of colors, but somehow it seemed appropriate to use a simpler palette.  I pulled vintage Fiesta in cobalt and ivory from the china cabinet, because I'm sure her coworkers are BLUE to be seeing her less, and IVORY for fresh new start.   The striped salad plates were part of a special cake set for Montgomery Ward in the 1930's. (I know, I really MEANT to just use plain plates, but the stripe matched the flatware so nicely, what could I do??)

The flatware was a special surprise from the Flatware Fairy just a couple of weeks ago, so this is its first appearance on my table.  Glassware is a mix: the dots are vintage finds, and the stems are contemporary from Pier1.  The  Blue Willow teapot is vintage Homer Laughlin  in the Wells shape.

Welcome Home, D!  We love you!   



Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Sunday

This little Madonna and child was made for me by my godmother, Marjorie Word, back in the early 1970's.   It's always a pleasure to decide where she'll reside during the holiday season each year.  This year she's in a place of honor,  up on top of my china cabinet with my vintage Fiesta vases, overseeing all the other decorating.