Monday, December 10, 2012

Welcome home, D!

This is an exciting week! Fellow tablescaper and dear friend  Daphne's schedule has changed to allow her to spend more time at home and  Candy, Rebecca, and I wanted to offer a very warm, "Welcome Home" to her.  What could be warmer than setting a table to celebrate?

I chose a handmade runner as the foundation for my table.  It's made with reproduction 30's fabrics in a rainbow of colors.   Now... what shall we put on it?  You know I tend to choose an explosion of colors, but somehow it seemed appropriate to use a simpler palette.  I pulled vintage Fiesta in cobalt and ivory from the china cabinet, because I'm sure her coworkers are BLUE to be seeing her less, and IVORY for fresh new start.   The striped salad plates were part of a special cake set for Montgomery Ward in the 1930's. (I know, I really MEANT to just use plain plates, but the stripe matched the flatware so nicely, what could I do??)

The flatware was a special surprise from the Flatware Fairy just a couple of weeks ago, so this is its first appearance on my table.  Glassware is a mix: the dots are vintage finds, and the stems are contemporary from Pier1.  The  Blue Willow teapot is vintage Homer Laughlin  in the Wells shape.

Welcome Home, D!  We love you!   



Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Sunday

This little Madonna and child was made for me by my godmother, Marjorie Word, back in the early 1970's.   It's always a pleasure to decide where she'll reside during the holiday season each year.  This year she's in a place of honor,  up on top of my china cabinet with my vintage Fiesta vases, overseeing all the other decorating.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April showers

Blue Clematis

Coral Charm

Red Charm peony


Fringe Tree

Solomon's Seal

Yellow Columbine

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stripes 'n' Apples

Yesterday was an exciting day for mail....  I got something I've been really excited about...

These are a vintage nest of Homer Laughlin mixing bowls.  Usually you see them in turquoise, but occasionally they're found in yellow, orange, or ivory.  They sometimes have a stripe as decoration, but this particular set has a triple red stripe, just like the stripe found on some vintage Fiesta pieces.  I found them on Etsy, and have been on pins and needles awaiting their arrival.  The seller was wonderful:  Thank you, Eileen for your wonderful packing and for the delightful conversations.  I promise the bowls have a good home here in Virginia.  I am excited to start finding ways to use and display them!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear Rebecca

Today is very's  Rebecca's birthday...   and she loves...

Bold tropical flowers..... CHECK.

BRIGHT lime green... yep... got that too.
She really loves things that SPARKLE!  mmhm... I spy something.

so...when you put all these things together on the tabletop....

you get my way of sending Very Happy Birthday wishes to Rebecca, with love!!!

Rebecca's birthday tablescape features a vintage Vera cloth, contemporary Cambridge Fiesta flatware, and a mix of vintage and Post 86 Fiesta.  Colors used were Turf, Rose, Lemongrass, Chartreuse, and Shell pink. 

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Green, Green Green

I was in the mood for something springy indoors, to go along with all the lovely springiness outside.  I chose an (unmarked) Fallani and Cohn Lily of the Valley tablecloth with matching napkins, and a selection of HLC pottery for the table in a whole array of greens.  The centerpiece is from Pier1 and I repurposed votive holders into napkin rings.

Once I was finished, I hosted a game on Facebook, guessing the number of different HLC greens featured on this table.
What do you think?

The question posed in my contest was:  How many HLC colors do you see represented in the pottery on the table?  The answer is:  Twelve.   Here's a rundown of the colors you see and on which pieces of dinnerware they appear.  Harlequin nut dish: Spruce
vintage Fiesta dinner plate: Turf
P86 Buffet plate:  Shamrock
P86 square salad:  Lemongrass
P86 bread plate:  P86 Chartreuse
P86 tripod bowl:  Juniper
P86 bread plate:  Evergreen
vintage 5 1/2 fruit bowl: Medium Green
Vintage bulb candle holders: original green
P86 hostess bowl:  Sea Mist
Vintage coffee pot base:  Forest
Vintage coffee lid:  Vintage Chartreuse

The winner of the contest, by the way, is Kathy H., and she can expect a special springy surprise to arrive in the mail  next week!   Congratulations, Kathy!

I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Early spring in the Blue Ridge

 Usually, there's still snow on the ground here on the first day of Spring.  This year, it looks more like late April than mid March.  I had to run a few errands today, and enjoyed seeing so many signs of spring...

There were a few signs of spring at the house, too.  The bridal veil spirea is blooming enthusiastically, and I've already used potting soil AND weed killer this year.

These  little sprouts caused BIG excitement here in my yard today... because it means that the pink gas plant survived the winter!!    I've had a really hard time getting those established again, so it's exciting to see new growth.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear Candy!

Happy Birthday to You!  Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Candy... Happy Birthday to You!

This birthday salute to my friend Candy features Post 86 HLCCA exclusive Polka Dot Fiesta and vintage Vistosa, made by Taylor, Smith, and Taylor. The tablecloth is my very favorite Broderie pattern with teapots and polkadots in a primary colorway.

I hope this birthday marks the beginning of a wonderful year for her.

Love you, C!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Linen Legacy...

Each time I look at my treasures from Becky, it's with mixed emotions...I love that Becky's family shared her treasures, and  I'm delighted to have been given some of her cloths.  I can still hear her chuckling over an eBay win, or an antique store "find"... and that makes me smile.  I know she'd be happy to see her treasures in use, and  being loved. doesn't lessen how much I miss the Lady herself.   Maybe... if I just look at this as tablescaping WITH her......?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentines Dishes.

A few months ago, I found this beautiful vintage set of Homer Laughlin Marigold shape dishes.  The decoration is a pattern called Minuet, sometimes also called Silhouette.  I always assumed it was just one decal, but it appears to be several, instead.   The intriguing part, is that if you look at the dishes in a certain order.... they tell a story.


Once upon a time, there was a handsome young man who met a lovely young lady.

The young man was instantly smitten. Fortunately, the young lady was as kind as she was beautiful.

 He spent as much time as he could with her, wooing her with small gifts and flowers. The longer he was with her, the more sure he was of his growing feelings for the lovely lady...

 ...and he decided to share his feelings, and ask the lovely lady to share his life...

She readily agreed, and they lived happily ever after......

Happy Valentines Day to you, with love from CaraFaye...