Friday, April 16, 2010

Itch, itch, itch... add b's as you desire.

So...just for the record, poison ivy sucks. A lot. It all started a week ago with a tiny little itchy spot inside my wrist... and I hadn't even been out in the yard!!
No clue where I got it, but by Saturday morning, I had multiple dots on my lower arm. Ok, fine... I know what to do. Pharmacy. TecNu, lots of washing, and caladryl is my friend. No big deal. Sooooooooo... by Sunday it was all the way up my arm, two dots on my collarbone, and it's time to get some intervention (prednisone). Usually, that fixes me right up. It's now a WEEK later and I STILL have poison ivy... the old spots are better, but two new ones on my neck and a couple of tiny places on my arm AGAIN. I wore long sleeves to work all weekend last weekend, and will do so again this weekend, which is NOT fun, but it keeps me from messing with it.
I took ALL my laundry to the laundromat today... bed linens, all the towels, all my clothes and rewashed everything at one time. I'm wiping down anything I can think of that I might have touched, and I think maybe I'll ask John to wash the dog. Just in case.