Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kitchen Impossible

My kitchen is tiny... you can shake a stick in it, but it had better be a small stick, and you probably ought not stand under the ceiling fan while you're shaking. I don't mind because it suits my 1940's Cape Cod house. It's cozy. The walls are white, appliances and the floor are black and white, but pretty much everything else is Technicolor. The countertops are still the original ripe homegrown tomato red that Mrs. Waddy chose. She and Mr. Waddy built my house, and we're only the 3rd family to live here. Mrs W. had beige walls and flooring, and plain chrome hardware on the (tiny) cabinets...but she must have loved color to have chosen that snappy red for the counters. They're nearly worn out, and I've put off choosing something new for ages... I've looked at quartz and Corian and laminate... agonized over colors, and been shocked at some of the prices... Originally I wanted black,or something dark with little chips of Fiesta-ish colors, but it's hard to think about walking into the kitchen and not having my old faithful countertop... Who on earth other than me could get sentimental about laminate??? I mean, really. You can see a snippet of it as a backsplash at the sink and under the window.

Mostly, I don't notice how small my kitchen is, because I'm usually the only one in it. Other people are usually distracted by all the Fiesta, so it's unusual for anyone to mention anything else. I do wish I had more storage, but it's probably better for my wallet that I don't. Besides, I really don't want a recurring guest spot on Hoarders. Really. Don't.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

In the garden of weedin'

One of the problems with loving flowers and deciding to have a big flower garden is that you have to stay on top of all the chores that come along with it. Sure, mulch helps keep the weeds down, and having mostly perennials saves a lot of labor, but gardens require ongoing maintenance...and the last couple of years have been challenging for me. This year, my knee is healed, and hopefully I can get things in better order.

It's hard to know where to start... Should I be methodical? Should I just plan to set the timer and do whatever strikes my fancy for that period of time and assume that eventually I'll get to all of it? Maybe I should just scrap the whole thing, and start over...? Nah. Too many neat things for me to do that! I can see Jack in the Pulpit peeking around the overgrown spirea, and the crocosima has multiplied a lot... there are peonies and roses blooming, iris and columbine, too.

Maybe I should just take the camera out, and show you...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home Again

Last week this time, I was wandering the maze of tents known as the Brimfield Antique Show and Flea Market. I knew beforehand that this was a huge event, but somehow I still managed to be amazed at the sheer size. Brimfield is an easy drive from Boston, MA, and my friend D. invited a couple of us to come and stay at her house go with her to the Show. We decided to go Wednesday and Thursday, and the weather was, well... interesting. Wednesday's rain and chill meant we had layers of clothing, as well as rain gear on. Crowds were sparse, and I spent the day taking my gloves off and putting them back on. We all found some treasures and were well-pleased with our treasures. Thursday was sunny and hot,another wonderful dish friend joined us, and the crowds were massive.

Here we are at the start of our Thursday jaunt:


By the end of the day, we were a lot more wilted, but a stop for dinner and then Ben and Jerry's ice cream perked us right up! It's a tradition at my friend's house to pile each day's treasures on the dining room table and take a picture... Lots of goodies to admire.
Day 1:
Day 2: