Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kitchen Impossible

My kitchen is tiny... you can shake a stick in it, but it had better be a small stick, and you probably ought not stand under the ceiling fan while you're shaking. I don't mind because it suits my 1940's Cape Cod house. It's cozy. The walls are white, appliances and the floor are black and white, but pretty much everything else is Technicolor. The countertops are still the original ripe homegrown tomato red that Mrs. Waddy chose. She and Mr. Waddy built my house, and we're only the 3rd family to live here. Mrs W. had beige walls and flooring, and plain chrome hardware on the (tiny) cabinets...but she must have loved color to have chosen that snappy red for the counters. They're nearly worn out, and I've put off choosing something new for ages... I've looked at quartz and Corian and laminate... agonized over colors, and been shocked at some of the prices... Originally I wanted black,or something dark with little chips of Fiesta-ish colors, but it's hard to think about walking into the kitchen and not having my old faithful countertop... Who on earth other than me could get sentimental about laminate??? I mean, really. You can see a snippet of it as a backsplash at the sink and under the window.

Mostly, I don't notice how small my kitchen is, because I'm usually the only one in it. Other people are usually distracted by all the Fiesta, so it's unusual for anyone to mention anything else. I do wish I had more storage, but it's probably better for my wallet that I don't. Besides, I really don't want a recurring guest spot on Hoarders. Really. Don't.


  1. Good Morning, E! Oh how I understand your post...the small kitchen, the need for color, the sentimental attachment. I think you're headed for more lovely red laminate, and why not? I love your shelves and hope to have similiar ones installed in my 40's Cape kitchen.

  2. Elaine, I love your kitchen! And I'm with Daphne. Go for red laminate. I put red laminate on my kitchen desk and all in the downstairs: sewing room, rec room and laundry room. It is BEAutiful!

    Also I adore your rounded open shelves over your sink. My grandmother had those, as does my MIL. When we remodelled this house, I had shelves put in like that and I absolutely love them.