Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

The day's been full, and I'm hoping the night will be q.... (we never say the q word out loud in the ER, or it's the exact opposite) at work tonight. The doc is one that seems to have annoyed the ER gods at some point, because we always seem to have more patients or more crisis for him to deal with. On the good side, it does make the time fly by... I like the staff that's working tonight--we're fortunate to have such excellent folks in the department.

Usually we have Christmas Eve steak dinners at my mom's but since John and I are both working tonight, we opted for steak luncheons instead. My brother manned the grill, and did a nice job of it. I thought I might sneak a little nap in after lunch, but came home and made some meatballs to take to work tonight for a little snack, workload willing. I'm even hoping to peek into Ebay and see if by chance my long dry search for a fiesta syrup bottle might possibly be over. I spotted a cobalt one the other day that ends tonight... we'll see how things shake out. (yes, I'm a cheapskate.)

The weather is mild here, although the wind is pretty fierce tonight. I don't think I'd trade it for the snow that the folks up north have. I hope there will be a time during the night that I can go outside, peek for the stars and contemplate for just a minute what it might've been like all those years ago... and that one bright star in the East.

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