Friday, March 4, 2011

Songbird at 21

When I started writing this morning, I had a different sort of post in mind... and I'll get around to sharing my latest auction treasures soon. I usually have music in the background, and today I had opened the new CD from the very young (to me, 22 is very young, anyway) Adele Adkins.

I had been looking very forward to this release. It always seems a bit of a tease, waiting on a performer's second CD, especially after the first one was so well received.(ok, so maybe I understated a bit, but two GRAMMY awards qualifies as well received, right??) I had pretty high hopes for this release, especially after I caught a bit of her on Letterman the other night. If you haven't heard her, Adele is worth a listen.
Click HERE to hear a bit of that performance on Letterman via youtube.

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