Monday, October 17, 2011

On the table today... Ken Scott

The vintage cloth on today's table is a Ken Scott "Bouillabaisse" by Leacock in a Red colorway.  I had such fun choosing Fiesta colors for this table, since in my mind, none of those colors "go" together!  Where else can you see lilac and plum cavorting with scarlet,persimmon, marigold, tangerine, and sunflower?

My camera battery pooped out after four pics, so I am going to post one photo now, and maybe I can add a few more once the battery is all recharged!

My friend Daphne, at Tabletop Time has this same cloth, but in a beautiful blue,chartreuse, purple colorway.  Have a peek at her Bouillabaisse table .


  1. Oh, how cute! Love the dishes and the cloth! Just perfect together. Good job.



  2. You made it look great! I hope to see more pics. Thanks for stopping my blog. I've posted another table and some thrifty finds. Please stop by again if you have time.

  3. Seriously - i think you hit it out of the ballpark on this one. Love it love it LOVE IT!!! 10 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!-Angela

  4. Wow, Elaine! That cloth is amazing in this colorway! I love the plum and lilac with the warm tones.