Thursday, March 22, 2012

Early spring in the Blue Ridge

 Usually, there's still snow on the ground here on the first day of Spring.  This year, it looks more like late April than mid March.  I had to run a few errands today, and enjoyed seeing so many signs of spring...

There were a few signs of spring at the house, too.  The bridal veil spirea is blooming enthusiastically, and I've already used potting soil AND weed killer this year.

These  little sprouts caused BIG excitement here in my yard today... because it means that the pink gas plant survived the winter!!    I've had a really hard time getting those established again, so it's exciting to see new growth.


  1. So exciting!!! Any chance of lily of the valley or lilac by you?

  2. My mom has 4 different color lilacs... and I had so much lily of the valley, that it was actually invasive, and I ended up pulling wheelbarrows full out of my yard, Chickie!