Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning...or Talking Trash.

What an amazing morning. When I left work this morning the temperature outside was 52 degrees. In January. In the mountains. Who'd ever have thought??? The sky was this glowing apricot-raspberry color, and the clouds ranged from amethyst to violet to soft, misty gray. Off in the distance were inky black mountains with wispy swirly clouds. (wow, I sound foo-foo this morning, and I only had 2 cups of coffee with caffeine...I forgot to ask for decaf at breakfast!)

Mondays are my workoff day, and I've gotten to be a bit of a creature of habit. I have breakfast with my cousin after work, come home and take care of Sage, and get my trash out to the curb. I forgot to put out the trash until I heard the garbage truck last week, and decided to just wait til this week rather than do the flight of the bumblebee to catch the garbage truck. Granted, it was mostly to avoid causing serious harm to the garbage dudes... I mean, I'm not a small girl...and running madly after the truck dragging my cans could've caused all sorts of problems. Can't have the garbage dudes falling off the truck, or having the driver get inspiration pneumonia from sucking some of his coffee or soda or whatever down his windpipe.... In this case, laughter would NOT be the best medicine. And that doesnt even begin to factor in the potential whiplash danger for my neighbors. You know. The ones that always "just happen to be looking out the window". I think everyone has one. And if you don''s only because you haven't caught them yet.

So anyway... I had a small mountain of stuff to put out today. I'm thinking I probably need to make a batch of Chex Mix or cookies or something... might need to bribe the garbage dudes before the next pick up.

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  1. ...and running madly after the truck dragging my cans could've caused all sorts of problems.

    Could you imagine a whole neighborhood doing that? That's what happened here shortly after we moved in.

    It was a new neighborhood, so everyone moved in pretty close to the same time. One one of the first pick-up days, the truck came lumbering down the street at 6:00 in the morning. Men were at scurrying outside in jammies and robes to get their cans on the curb before the truck passed them by.

    Since then, it has been common practice to put the cans out the night before.