Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to work

So... Sunday was my first night back at work. It's hard to believe that three MONTHS have already passed since the talented Dr. LeBolt took out the icky arthritic knee and put in a shiny new replacement knee. I wish now that I had blogged through the process. I haven't had a day that I've regretted the surgery. Even the bad days are better than the pre-op days.

It was great being back at work. I missed my coworkers, and really, I missed the patients, too. I love what I do, like the pace most of the time. My supervisors at work have been very supportive, and actually scheduled a second person to be with me Sunday night, so that I could better gauge how I was handling the workload, and so that someone else could help with some of the heavy work (trust me, pushing stretchers is VERY heavy work, at times). I did really well for the first eight hours of my normal 12 hour shift... then I started getting knee twinges, which evolved into constant pain, then... well, you get the direction things went from there. By the time I left Monday morning, I was (once again, just like pre-op) dragging my left leg behind me. ugh.

I totally lost yesterday. Normally when I work off a three day stretch, I try to only sleep a few hours in the morning, or stay up so that I can swap and be a "normal" person and sleep that night. I didn't quite manage that yesterday. I took some medicine (first time in weeks that I had to do that) and made it as far as the couch in the living room,got a couple ice packs, propped my leg up and crashed.
I woke up a couple of times, but for the most part I was out the entire day AND night.

I'm on the schedule for my normal 3 12's this weekend. Not so sure I can do that.

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