Monday, September 14, 2009

Mondays, Moving, and Making Messes

I survived working the whole weekend~ yay! I didn't quite make my usual 3 12 hr shifts, but I think working 12 then 8 then 12 was a pretty ambitious start.

This week J starts moving things home, which means that I need to finish (okfine, start AND finish) moving things out of his old/new bedroom. I have gotten all my tablecloths and placemats out of the big cabinet, and as soon as I rest a little while I blog, I'm going to move the fiesta off the six little wall shelves. No clue where/how I'm going to relocate it, but I'm taking this one step at a time. Once J gets here, I'll have him move the totes full of my Universal Woodvine and Paden City Ivy dishes upstairs to the walk-in attic, help me dismantle the full size bed and take it to the bedroom upstairs, and relocate a cabinet from upstairs to the dining room to hold (i hope) all the linens. I'll try and post a few pictures of all this chaos in progress.

I had forgotten how pretty some of my tablecloths really are... I wonder if now's the time to try and take pictures, measure, and catalog my linens...? I know, starting a second big project in the middle of a first huge project might not be the wisest choice. It sounded good, though.

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