Saturday, April 30, 2011

Think Pink-- April 30th

The clematis next to my front porch is in enthusiastic bloom this weekend.  Usually, it eases me into the bud then another... This year it happened suddenly...several big, happy blooms all at once!  Seems like a terrific way to celebrate Pink Saturday over at Beverly's, doesn't it?

Clematis "Asao"


  1. Your clematis is absolutely beautiful. My roses bloomed the same way..bloom after bloom, now Oh well... I keep feeding them and waiting for those pretty red new leaves. Love your post! Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Oh how beautiful for pink Saturday! We are still under a cold weather with possibly for snow and so nothing much blooming! We found a lilac bush near our bedroom window and it started to bloom. But with this bitter cold I am not sure what will happen. Our crab apple tree is a bit drooping and sad looking from this cold! HPS! Anne

  3. I love Clematis ! THese are gorgeous.. and as I live in Roanoke,,, we must be neighbors, too. Thanks for visiting me and have a blessed day!

  4. Hey There from the other side of Virginia, I am in South East Virginia (Hampton Roads) I am always excited to meet another Virginian.
    Your flowers are so pretty. My Azaleas are blooming and my Dogwood looks ok this year.
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  5. Beautiful! I had a gorgeous one at my old house. Sometimes, I miss the midwest. Not possible here in AZ.